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Migrating from Pro to Advanced Trade


On Nov 20 2023, we migrated all Pro users to Coinbase Advanced. Your Coinbase Pro funds are ready for trading and you can start coding to our new Advanced Trade API with this guide.

Coinbase Advanced provides our most advanced API offering yet, with a number of benefits:

  • USDC/USD unified order books so you can trade on order books with larger liquidity
  • Unified balance across all of Coinbase’s retail offerings
  • World class API key security with 2FA, mobile biometrics, Yubikey, + more wtih Coinbase Cloud API keys
  • Multiple portfolios and per-portfolio API key permissions
  • Ability to earn rewards on your trade-ready balance
  • Platform built with security and encryption at its core
  • And – coming soon – the ability to trade spot and derivatives, all with a unified API.

Did you know?

  • You can continue using Coinbase Exchange public, unauthenticated APIs to access market data. We aim to have Coinbase Advanced public markets APIs soon.
  • The Advanced API lets you manage orders, products, and fees -- it does not duplicate core Coinbase functions of the Sign In With Coinbase (SIWC) API.
  • Refer to Pro API Mapping for a table mapping Coinbase Pro APIs to Advanced Trade and Sign In With Coinbase APIs.
  • The Advanced API does not use a PASSPHRASE to sign messages - Learn more about signing requests with Advanced!

To start using Coinbase Advanced APIs, create Cloud API keys and see REST API code samples.

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