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Advanced Trade Perpetual Futures


On April 22, 2024, we are making breaking changes to our portfolio (/intx/portfolio) and positions (/intx/positions) endpoints in order to support the launch of a new feature. See Upcoming Changes for more information.

If you encounter issues, please contact

The Advanced Trade API supports trading for Perpetual Futures products via the following endpoints (for users in eligible regions):

For an overview of our perpetual futures trading offering, see the Coinbase help pages.


To use the Advanced Trade API, you must be in an eligible region and successfully onboard.

API Authentication

Advanced Trade REST API Authentication explains how to authenticate requests to the Advanced REST API endpoints and WebSocket server channels.

Onboarding Requirements

For users in eligible regions, getting access to perpetual futures functionality requires completing a few additional onboarding steps in our Advanced Trade UI, from the right-hand side of the BTC-PERP market page.

Transferring Collateral for Margin

To trade perpetual futures, you must have USDC in your perpetuals portfolio to use as margin. You can transfer any existing USDC in your default portfolio to your perpetuals portfolio with the Move Portfolio Funds endpoint.

Perp Listings, Leverage, & Order Types

We regularly update our perp listings for trading and support up to a max of 10x leverage. You can always see our current listings on the International Exchange.


We support both Market and Limit orders and are actively working on adding more order types.

Margin Health Management

For each of your open positions, we provide information to track your current margin and maintenance margin, and understand your liquidation thresholds.

Trading Fees

You can view your current trading fees on the Coinbase Advanced Portfolio Page


Currently, we offer low promotional fee rates of 0.00% maker and 0.03% taker.

Quick Start

Make your first perpetual futures trade with the following steps:

  1. Onboard via Advanced Trade UI.
  2. Transfer Funds to your Perpetuals Portfolio.
  3. List Perpetual Futures products offered by Coinbase with product_type as future and contract_expiry_type as perpetual.
  4. Get a summary of your Perpetuals Portfolio
  5. Create an Order to buy or sell a perpetual futures contract.
  6. List your open positions and track your margin health.

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