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Advanced Trade REST API Overview

The Advanced Trade API lets you manage orders, products, and fees with our new v3 endpoints. For core Coinbase functions for account deposits, withdrawals, and transaction, you will still need Sign In with Coinbase API v2 endpoints.

All Advanced Trade API v3 endpoints require authentication

The Advanced Trade REST API comprises all v3 endpoints. It does not duplicate the Sign In With Coinbase v2 endpoints for core Coinbase functions (some of which need authentication as well).


The Advanced Trade REST API supports advanced trading features only. Use the Sign In with Coinbase APIs for deposits and withdrawals, etc.

Advanced Trade Endpoints

Both Advanced Trade endpoints (v3) and Sign In endpoints (v2) use the same API Key authentication scheme.

Advanced Trade endpoint URL: /api/v3/brokerage/{resource}

APIMethodResourceRequired Scope
List AccountsGET/accountswallet:accounts:read
Get AccountGET/accounts/:account_idwallet:accounts:read
Create OrderPOST/orderswallet:buys:create, wallet:user:read
Cancel OrdersPOST/orders/batch_cancelwallet:buys:create
List OrdersGET/orders/historical/batchwallet:orders:read
List FillsGET/orders/historical/fillswallet:transactions:read
Get OrderGET/orders/historical/{order_id}wallet:transactions:read
Get Best Bid/AskGET/best_bid_askwallet:user:read
Get Product BookGET/product_bookwallet:user:read
List ProductsGET/productswallet:user:read
Get ProductGET/products/{product_id}wallet:user:read
Get Product CandlesGET/products/{product_id}/candlesnone
Get Market TradesGET/products/{product_id}/tickerwallet:user:read
Get Transactions SummaryGET/transaction_summarywallet:transactions:read

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