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Advanced Trade REST API Overview

The Advanced Trade API lets you manage orders, portfolios, products, and fees with our new v3 endpoints. For core Coinbase functions for account deposits, withdrawals, and transaction, you will still need Sign In with Coinbase API v2 endpoints.

Most v3 endpoints require authentication unless otherwise noted

The Advanced Trade REST API comprises all v3 endpoints. It does not duplicate the Sign In With Coinbase v2 endpoints for core Coinbase functions (some of which need authentication as well).

Postman Collections

See Postman Files for details.

Advanced Trade Endpoints

Advanced Trade endpoint URL:{resource}

Private Endpoints

Consult the Authentication guide for more information on CDP API keys.

APIMethodResourceAPI Key Permission
List AccountsGET/accountsview
Get AccountGET/accounts/:account_idview
Create OrderPOST/orderstrade
Cancel OrdersPOST/orders/batch_canceltrade
List OrdersGET/orders/historical/batchview
List FillsGET/orders/historical/fillsview
Get OrderGET/orders/historical/{order_id}view
Preview OrdersPOST/orders/previewview
Get Best Bid/AskGET/best_bid_askview
Get Product BookGET/product_bookview
List ProductsGET/productsview
Get ProductGET/products/{product_id}view
Get Product CandlesGET/products/{product_id}/candlesview
Get Market TradesGET/products/{product_id}/tickerview
Get Transactions SummaryGET/transaction_summaryview
Create Convert QuotePOST/convert/quotetrade
Commit Convert TradePOST/convert/{trade_id}trade
Get Convert TradeGET/convert/{trade_id}view
List PortfoliosGET/portfoliosview
Create PortfolioPOST/portfoliosview (any portfolio)
Move Portfolio FundsPOST/portfoliostransfer (for source portfolio)
Get Portfolio BreakdownGET/portfoliosview (for that portfolio)
Delete PortfolioDELETE/portfoliostrade (for that portfolio)
Edit PortfolioPUT/portfoliostrade (for that portfolio)
Get Futures Balance SummaryGET/cfm/balance_summaryview
List Futures PositionsGET/cfm.positionsview
Get Futures PositionGET/cfm/positions/{product_id}view
Schedule Futures SweepPOST/cfm/sweeps/scheduletransfer
List Futures SweepsGET/cfm/sweepsview
Cancel Futures SweepDELETE/cfm/sweepstransfer
Get Perpetuals Portfolio SummaryGET/intx/portfolioview (for intx portfolio)
List Perpetuals PositionsGET/intx/positionsview (for intx portfolio)
Get Perpetuals PositionGET/intx/positionsview (for intx portfolio)
Allocate PortfolioPOST/intx/allocatetransfer (for intx portfolio)
List Payment MethodsGET/payment_methodsview
Get Payment MethodGET/payment_methods/{payment_method_id}view

Public Endpoints

Public endpoints do not require authentication.

Get Server TimeGET/time
Get Public Product BookGET/market/product_book
List Public ProductsGET/market/products
Get Public ProductGET/market/products/{product_id}
Get Public Product CandlesGET/market/products/{product_id}/candles
Get Public Market TradesGET/market/products/{product_id}/ticker

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