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Pro to Advanced Trade API Mapping

The following table maps Pro API resources to Advanced Trade REST API and Sign In with Coinbase APIs (SIWC) resources.

Continue to use SIWC for core functions

The Advanced Trade API lets you manage orders, products, and fees -- it does not duplicate core Coinbase functions of the Sign In With Coinbase (SIWC) API.

CategoryPro APIAdv Trade APISIWC APINotes
AccountsGet all accounts for a profileList Accounts
AccountsGet a single account by idGet Account
AccountsGet a single account's holdsGet AccountLook for the hold object
Coinbase accountsGet all Coinbase walletsList Accounts
CurrenciesGet a currencyGet Product
FeesGet feesGet Transactions Summary
OrdersGet all fillsList Fills
OrdersGet all ordersList Orders
OrdersCancel all ordersCancel OrdersAdd IDs of orders to cancel
OrdersCreate a new orderCreate Order
OrdersGet single orderGet Order
OrdersCancel an orderCancel OrdersAdd ID of order to cancel
ProductsGet all known trading pairsList Products
ProductsGet single productGet Product
ProductsGet product bookGet Product Book
WebSocket L2 channel
ProductsGet product candlesGet Product Candles
ProductsGet product statsWebSocket Status channel
ProductsGet product tickerGet Product
Get Market Trades
ProductsGet product tradesGet Market Trades
AccountsGet a single account's ledgerShow an AccountLook for balance
AccountsGet a single account's transfersList TransactionsLook for "type": "transfer"
Address bookGet address bookShow Addresss
Coinbase accountsGenerate crypto addressCreate Address
CurrenciesGet all known currenciesGet Currencies
TransfersDeposit from Coinbase accountDeposit Funds
TransfersDeposit from payment methodDeposit Funds
TransfersGet all payment methodsList Payment Methods
TransfersGet all transfersList TransactionsLook for "type": "transfer"
TransfersGet a single transferShow a TransactionLook for "type": "transfer"
TransfersWithdraw to Coinbase accountWithdraw Funds
TransfersWithdraw to crypto addressSend Money
TransfersWithdraw to payment methodWithdraw Funds
ConversionsConvert currency
ConversionsGet a conversion
TransfersGet fee estimate for crypto withdrawal
Coinbase price oracleGet signed prices
ProfilesGet profilesn/a
ProfilesCreate a profilen/a
ProfilesTransfer funds between profilesn/a
ProfilesGet profile by idn/a
ProfilesRename a profilen/a
ProfilesDelete a profilen/a
ReportsGet all reportsn/a
ReportsCreate a reportn/a
ReportsGet a reportn/a
UsersGet user exchange limitsn/a
Wrapped assetsGet all wrapped assets
Wrapped assetsGet conversion rate of wrapped asset

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