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Coinbase Cloud APIs allow your team to easily incorporate many of our platform features into your business's applications and services. In order to access the APIs, you must have an account on Please contact the Coinbase Help Center to learn more.

Currently available

Eth validator management API and indexer API

Our current focus with Eth is integrating the key functionality needed to participate in and monitor the transition from Ethereum as a proof of work network to proof of stake. From creating eth validators to querying the chain, you can build the features you need directly into your platform.

Our secure validator management API is a simple and comprehensive API that allows for secure and programmatic creation, management, and monitoring the status of eth validators and their underlying infrastructure. From easily generating Ethereum deposit contract transactions to scaling validators, our robust API scales with your et2 staking needs. For a full description of our API endpoints, see the API Reference.

Our eth Indexer API queries all the transactions from a specific account and provides data in a clean and action-oriented way.

Substrate indexer API

The Substrate Indexer is an API application powered by the Coinbase Cloud platform to enable a more efficient way to query data from the Polkadot blockchain and its canary network, Kusama. Users have access to structured and easily queryable data with a significantly fewer number of requests. The Indexer may save anywhere from 50-100 to upward of a 1000 requests to the node. All the data outputs are served from a single API for ease of use.

The Polkadot Indexer saves engineering teams from having to build and maintain proprietary Indexers in-house, saving time and resources while enabling more optimized participation through access to structured data.


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