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Coinbase Cloud APIs are secured using standard API Tokens. In order to access an API endpoint, your assigned API Token must be included in the header of your requests, and the token must have access to the API and the appropriate permissions for the requested operation.

API Tokens can be created with different access rights for any combination of the available Coinbase Cloud APIs.

Log in to our platform to create and manage your API Tokens.

API Tokens are generated using cryptographically random bytes that are then encoded as base64, truncating at 30 characters.

Sample API Token: Qmlzb24gVHJhaWxz4oCZIEFQSXMgYX

Calling an API using cURL

curl -H "apikey:Qmlzb24gVHJhaWxz4oCZIEFQSXMgYX"

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