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Eth2 usage

To get started creating eth2 Validators, we expect you will follow a process like this:

  1. Deploy eth2 Cluster from the Coinbase Cloud platform
  2. Generate an API Token on the platform, with create access permissions for the eth2 Validator Management API
  3. Generate an eth2 account to use as the Withdrawal address for Validators
  4. Identify an eth1 account containing sufficient ETH to fund the desired number of 32-ETH-backed Validators, including sufficient funds for transactions fees to submit one transaction per Validator being allocated
  5. POST a request to the /eth2/v1/validators endpoint, specifying the number of Validators desired and the rest of the required data, requesting DepositData for each Validator; capture the allocationID returned
  6. Poll /eth2/v1/allocations/\<allocationID\>, and wait for the result to indicate done = true completion and supply the DepositData for each allocated Validator
  7. Generate and submit eth1 Deposit Contract transactions for each DepositData returned
  8. Poll /eth2/v1/validators/\<validatorID\> to monitor the life-cycle progression of any Validator