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Commerce Payment Statuses

Once a charge, or request for payment, is created, Coinbase starts monitoring these unique addresses on the respective networks to detect any inbound payments.

Each charge has an associated payment status.

Payment StatusDescription
NewPayment created
PendingTransaction detected on the blockchain but not yet validated by the network
CompletedTransaction validated by the blockchain network
ExpiredPayment request expired after 60 minutes
UnresolvedTransaction confirmed but the payment diverged from what was expected
ResolvedMerchant marked the payment as resolved
CancelledRequest cancelled -- only new undetected charges can be cancelled
Pending RefundRefund initiated for this charge -- once refunded, this cannot be undone
RefundedRefund broadcasted and confirmed by the blockchain network

Unresolved Reasons

An unresolved payment is one that completed with issues and has an associated reason for being unresolved. Valid reasons are:

DelayedPayment made after the 60 minutes has passed
OverpaidPayment more than requested amount
UnderpaidPayment less than requested amount
MultipleMore than one payment made
OtherUnknown payment issue

Payment Flow Diagram

Here's a visual representation of how all this works:

Diagram of payment flows and possible payment states.

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