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Integrating Commerce with Shopify

This page explains how to integrate Shopify with Coinbase Commerce. Integrating with Coinbase Commerce lets you accept cryptocurrency peer-to-peer.

Signup for Coinbase Commerce

Sign up for a Coinbase Commerce account and follow the instructions to get started. After completing onboarding for either of our products, you’re ready to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.

  1. From your Shopify store, go to Settings > Payments > Add Payment Method > Search by provider..

  2. Search for Coinbase Commerce and select the application to install.

  3. Sign into your Commerce account to link it directly to your Shopify store.

Search for the provider, Coinbase Commerce, and add as a Payment Method.Select the account type, I made the account myself (most common).
  1. Complete a test transaction to make sure the integration is working.

  2. Once confirmed, you can uninstall the old API-key based integration by removing your API key from the alternative payment networks page.

On the page, Alternative Payment Methods, click Manage to remove your old API key.Your Coinbase Commerce credentials.

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