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2: Stake KSM to Cloud with Polkadot.js

1. Bond your KSM and nominate Coinbase Cloud's validators
  • Go to the Polkadot UI
  • Click STAKING under NETWORK in the top navigation
  • Select the ACCOUNT ACTIONS in the Staking navigation at the top
  • Select + NOMINATOR at the top right of the screen
  • In the modal, select your stash account and, if applicable, controller account


Please double check that your controller has the nominal funds (6-11 KSM) it needs for the “existential deposit” and to pay for transaction fees.

  • In the value bonded field, input the amount of KSM you’d like to bond. If you’d like to bond all of your KSM, pleaseleave 5-10 KSM in your stash account for transaction fees
  • Select your preferred payment destination:
    • Select Stash account (increase the amount at stake) to compound your rewards on your Stash account (most common), or
    • Select Stash account (do not increase the amount at stake) to leave your rewards un-bonded and spendable in your Stash account
  • Click NEXT
  • Disable autoselect to enable searching for nominators
  • Search for and select the Coinbase Cloud validators:


Coinbase Cloud validator information:

Validator name: Bison Trails (1-2)
Validator addresses:
BisonTrails 1: EFjHdypk8xLf3ocDEFPaKFWVcfamH8mpvfUeXHvRWpSBk2M
BisonTrails 2: DXrJrPLLBHuapmYJ6tfuUStKubhykWmpgLckJpgFgjp2JvV
BisonTrails 3: FsnmRZ5Xk2btFqGXVErvLaYUvxDkQDYr5x98s8QigqP5kEs
BisonTrails 4: E8HpgWvs61LgtENmJaXhUvCWt21jTz7kvXYwGLopsa2qscf
BisonTrails 5: JHATMMee6qU2RrWifsCXpebrHKkp769cxG7pVqtuLjbJKGE
BisonTrails 6: F2eH1YSGvB373dnwi318UUf6LvDRQNTDRKNSTYdwB2PwVDj

Please enter each of the Coinbase Cloud validator addresses from the list above when staking.
Selecting all validators from this list indicates your willingness to support any of them, and the protocol will then automatically allocate your stake to a subset of the validators from your nominated list that have been selected to participate and earn rewards each era. As such, selecting all validators increases your opportunities to earn rewards. Learn more in our Kusama FAQs.

  • Click Bond & Nominate
  • Click Sign and Submit
  • Enter your stash password in the pop up window
  • Click Sign the transaction
  • Wait for the Transaction Success banner to pop up. This process can take a little while if the network is behind.


Congratulations! You are now staked to a Coinbase Cloud validator.

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