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2: Stake to Cloud with AdaLite

1. Stake to our public validator
  • On the wallet homepage select the Staking tab
  • The Delegate Stake module on the right side of the page will show a randomly selected validator
    Clear the populated Stake Pool ID field and enter the Coinbase Cloud Stake Pool ID: 66c1296e3bee372fc37282535eb45710d9c8b96b05248d7ea636352f


Coinbase Cloud validator information

Stake pool name: Bison Trails
Stake pool ticker: BISON
Stake pool ID: 66c1296e3bee372fc37282535eb45710d9c8b96b05248d7ea636352f

  • Use your keyboard return/enter key to populate the staking information for the Bison Trails Stake Pool
  • Select Delegate and enter the amount of ADA you would like to delegate
  • Review that your delegation information looks correct and select Confirm Transaction. If using AdaLite connected to a hardware device, your device will need to be connected and unlocked.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts, or the prompts on your connected hardware device if using, to confirm your stake key address registration and confirm your delegation


Congratulations! You are now staked to a Coinbase Cloud validator.

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