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2: Stake to Cloud with Daedalus

Stake to our public validator
  • In Daedalus, select the network icon on the left menu to enter the Delegation center
  • Hover over the third epoch listed to the right of your wallet balance and select the DELEGATE button that appears
  • Select Continue
  • Choose the wallet you would like to delegate from (if you have multiple) and select Continue
  • In the Search stake pools field enter the Coinbase Cloud Stake Pool Ticker: BISON or Pool ID:


Coinbase Cloud validator information

Stake pool name: Bison Trails
Stake pool ticker: BISON
Stake pool ID: 66c1296e3bee372fc37282535eb45710d9c8b96b05248d7ea636352f

  • Click the BISON pool icon that appears and select Delegate
  • Enter your wallet password, and select Continue


Congratulations! You are now staked to a Coinbase Cloud validator.

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