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2: Stake to Cloud with Oasis web wallet

1. Stake to our public validator
  • Select the Staking tab to the right of the Activity tab on the Oasis web wallet homepage
  • Locate Coinbase Cloud on the list of navigators and click Delegate


Coinbase Cloud validator information

Validator name: Coinbase Cloud
Staking address: oasis1qz86vltcdhjurzuvzfhkku4yaf7vf2umdvpwmtlv
Validator identity: XkCriyrNwS3G4rzAXtG5B1nnvb5Ka1JtCku93VqeKAr

  • Select Delegate on the pop-up confirmation screen.
  • Enter the amount of ROSE you would like to stake with Coinbase Cloud in the ROSE field and select Delegate again.
  • Review your transaction and select Sign and Submit to confirm
  • Your Ledger Wallet will need to be connected to your computer and unlocked
  • Review the transaction details on your Ledger Wallet and confirm Sign Transaction
  • Once the transaction is finalized, return to the Oasis dashboard and refresh


Congratulations! You are now staked to a Coinbase Cloud validator.

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