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2: Stake to Cloud with SolFlare

1. Stake to our public validator
  • Open the SolFlare UI, and under Create a staking account select Get Started
  • Enter the amount of SOL you would like to delegate. Please leave at least 1 SOL in your account to pay for future transaction fees. Click Next. If you receive an error message, ensure your Ledger is unlocked and has the Solana app open.
  • Confirm the creation of a new stake account for the correct amount of SOL
  • On the main SolFlare page, select Delegate Now


Coinbase Cloud validator information

Validator name: Coinbase Cloud
Validator identity: XkCriyrNwS3G4rzAXtG5B1nnvb5Ka1JtCku93VqeKAr
Validator vote account address: beefKGBWeSpHzYBHZXwp5So7wdQGX6mu4ZHCsH3uTar

  • Select the Coinbase Cloud validator from the dropdown menu and click Next
  • Review the delegation transaction prompt on your Ledger. Confirm that the Vote Account matches the Coinbase Cloud/Coinbase Cloud vote account address: beefKGBWeSpHzYBHZXwp5So7wdQGX6mu4ZHCsH3uTar.
  • Approve the transaction.


Congratulations! You are now staked to the Coinbase Cloud validator.

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