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2: Stake to Cloud with The Provenance Blockchain Wallet

1. Stake to our public validator
  • Navigate to the Provenance Blockchain Explorer Dashboard
  • Connect to Provenance Wallet by click the key icon on the upper right corner of the page
  • In the pop-up window use your password manager to populate the username (and key) for your Provenance Blockchain wallet
  • Enter the wallet password
  • Select Submit
  • Select Validators on the dashboard menu
  • Search for the Coinbase Cloud moniker or validator address and click Delegate:


Coinbase Cloud validator information

Validator moniker: Coinbase Cloud
Validator address: pbvaloper16w74eff40g3eux8kz92tmwzjjcngckw2672ycs

  • Enter the amount you would like to stake with Coinbase Cloud in the Amount to Delegate field
  • Select Delegate
  • In the Provenance Blockchain wallet pop-up window, confirm that the Coinbase Cloud validator address is correct: "validatorAddress": "pbvaloper16w74eff40g3eux8kz92tmwzjjcngckw2672ycs"
  • Select Confirm and Broadcast
  • Your delegation will now show under the My Validators section of the Provenance Blockchain Explorer Staking dashboard


Congratulations! You are now staking with Coinbase Cloud.

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