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Celo FAQs

How do I unbond?

Unbonding your tokens involves revoking votes, unlocking the CELO, and finally withdrawing the CELO. Detailed instructions are here.

How is Celo's reward rate determined?

Rewards for Locked CELO holders are targeted at 6% annually. This percentage can be adjusted by the protocol.

How are Celo's rewards denominated and distributed?

Holders of Locked CELO who voted in the previous epoch for a group that elected one or more validators and have activated their votes are eligible for rewards. These rewards are denominated in Locked CELO and reapplied as votes, so future rewards are compounded without the account holder needing to take any action.

What are the risks associated with delegating/staking CELO?

In Celo, delegating is done in the form of voting for a Validator Group. Locked CELO holders’ are not at risk of slashing. However, if there’s a slashing event, the group, validators, and CELO token holders will all receive reduced rewards for the next month.

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