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Introduction to Edgeware delegation

Edgeware is a high-performance, self-upgrading WASM (WebAssembly) smart contract platform, in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Protocol parameters

Minimum tokens to stake

0.1 EDG

Warm up period


Unbonding period

7 days

Service fee

10% of rewards



Validator name: Bison Trails
Validator addresses:
01: nzrQFMQQoQfby6DiPmurgxjnid7mY4UodbDMM6VYB9dwT3f
02: mEedJ2vr1voUs1DzaqjEHMwzSYDsTWDi3zavWQh11QCgsgy
03: icNUGMEYjc7r1EmyCNVHZKJLy7W3TobKU81gfqkg32dvreq
04: judSfKys1q1hrgzbuToWmZUF4LFj8QghKwfGTpfh8kvkjzm
05: kKSQ4DiUzL3WAkLE39oXmLDFRzqUyjRQAYgdsQf5MbgsEkg
06: mRSqvBBUEZZ5APGgKTXeW69zUYh5zWrKf724PdyFojnzSiB
07: nx7Be1NK8b2uV2bSHSxDPMJqNGAr6sc2i982shToqVHBVH7
08: kc9xgozPze2cvTDgnto1Ad497MJQPKm1eMozr5QsS7A9Uic

Please enter each of the Coinbase Cloud validator addresses from the list above when staking.
Selecting all validators from this list indicates your willingness to support any of them, and the protocol will then automatically allocate your stake to a subset of the validators from your nominated list that have been selected to participate and earn rewards each era. As such, selecting all validators increases your opportunities to earn rewards. Learn more in our Edgeware FAQs.

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