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Introduction to Flow delegation

Flow aims to be the blockchain foundation for onboarding mainstream users via the next generation of game, app, and digital asset developers.

You can learn more about Flow in our protocol overview.

Protocol parameters

Minimum tokens to stake

No minimum

Warm up period

1-7 days

Unbonding period

2 epochs (14 days)

Service fee

8% of rewards

Reward payout

1 epoch (7 days)



Validator name: Coinbase Cloud
Collection node ID: 48ba5aabeaf1a7c1bc6a96b20c8e9f6cbe7f6b3c77faec3b77fa66a630abf8c7
Consensus node ID: a65461e68eae80c9bd9d8edc81857c7d2cd83ba9992433c468e9ef6515d32006
Execution node ID: e52cbcd825e328acac8db6bcbdcbb6e7724862c8b89b09d85edccf41ff9981eb Verification node ID: b17280bf57adad0de648d827a7ccbe81c74cf6a9cc44af4778587b133747a2f9

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