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Introduction to Kusama delegation

Kusama is a canary network for Polkadot. It enables developers to build and deploy a parachain or experiment with Polkadot’s governance, staking, nomination and validation functionality in a real environment.

Protocol parameters
Minimum tokens to stake0.1 KSM
Warm up periodNone
Unbonding period7 Days
Service fee10% of rewards



Validator name: Coinbase Cloud
Validator addresses:
Coinbase Cloud 1: EFjHdypk8xLf3ocDEFPaKFWVcfamH8mpvfUeXHvRWpSBk2M
Coinbase Cloud 2: DXrJrPLLBHuapmYJ6tfuUStKubhykWmpgLckJpgFgjp2JvV
Coinbase Cloud 3: FsnmRZ5Xk2btFqGXVErvLaYUvxDkQDYr5x98s8QigqP5kEs
Coinbase Cloud 4: E8HpgWvs61LgtENmJaXhUvCWt21jTz7kvXYwGLopsa2qscf

Enter each of the Coinbase Cloud validator addresses from the list above when staking.

Selecting any or all validators from this list indicates your willingness to support those selected. The protocol automatically allocates your stake to a subset of the validators from your nominated list to participate and earn rewards each era. Selecting any or all validators increases your opportunities to earn rewards. Learn more in our Kusama FAQs.

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