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Provenance Blockchain FAQs

What are Provenance Blockchain's inflation and reward rates?

The Provenance Blockchain protocol is non-inflationary, meaning that all rewards are based on transaction volume. Transaction fees are collected globally and distributed in proportion to stake, not based on the fees associated with the specific blocks produced by a validator.

What are the risks associated with delegating?

As with other Tendermint chains, Provenance Blockchain enacts slashing for excessive downtime and double signing, up to 5% of your staked tokens. Slashing punishments are applied proportionally to all tokens staked to the validator.

Behavior type



Excessive downtime

Missing more than 50% of 32000 blocks

1% of all HASH on the validator

Double signing

Proposing more than one block at the same block height

5% of all HASH on the validator

How does Coinbase Cloud's service fee work?

Coinbase Cloud charges a percentage service fee on all rewards earned by tokens delegated to our Provenance Blockchain validator. The service fee is paid to Coinbase Cloud automatically by the protocol. You can withdraw your rewards from the protocol directly.

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