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1: Set up and fund SolFlare wallet

1. Connect Ledger device to SolFlare
  • Navigate to and select Create a Wallet
  • Select Next several times and then Get Started to navigate through the tutorial
  • Select Using Ledger Nano S or X and click Access
  • Click the Select derivation path dropdown and select the first option, Solana - 44'/501'/
  • Select your Ledger device from the pop-up screen. If the UI gives you any errors, ensure your Ledger is unlocked and has the Solana app open.
2. Fund SolFlare wallet
  • Select your Root Account from the drop-down list of accounts and click Access
  • Review the transaction prompt on your Ledger. It should show your pubkey (public address) on the screen. Confirm your address is correct.
  • Copy the address that shows under Your Address
  • Visit the exchange or wallet where your SOL was purchased/stored, and send your SOL from where it was purchased to the wallet address copied above
  • After waiting the network processing time, your SOL balance should show at the top of the SolFlare wallet extension when opened

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