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Fund your Keplr Wallet


The instructions on this page are demonstrated on a Keplr wallet but apply to all supported IBC-compatible wallets (Keplr or Cosmostation).

Send native AXL purchased from an exchange to your wallet

This flow explains how to send native AXL tokens purchased on an exchange with a Keplr wallet.


Read the exchange information carefully, as some exchanges list the native token, while others list ERC-20 representations. For more about the distinction, read What Is wAXL?.

  1. Open the Keplr wallet browser extension and select Deposit.

  2. Select the Axelar chain from the dropdown at top.

  3. Copy the wallet address under the wallet name (or click Deposit to scan the QR code).

  4. Navigate to the exchange from which you purchased your AXL, and send your tokens to the wallet address you just copied.

    Result: Your assets should appear in your Keplr wallet once the transaction is complete.

Convert ERC-20 AXL to native AXL via

This flow explains how to convert ERC-20 representations of the AXL token to the native AXL token via Axelar’s satellite. For more details, see How to Convert ERC-20 AXL to Native AXL.


An IBC-compatible wallet (Keplr or Cosmostation) and an Ethereum-based wallet funded with ERC-20 AXL (wAXL).

  1. Go to

  2. In the From field, select your preferred EVM-compatible chain. In the To field, select Axelar.

  3. Click Autofill to pre-fill your Axelar wallet address from Keplr wallet.

    You must authorize the connection between Keplr wallet and for this step. Follow the on-screen prompts.

  4. Authorize the connection to your Ethereum wallet address when the pop-up appears.

  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer and select Generate Deposit Address.

  6. Confirm your transaction details.

  7. Click Send from [your Ethereum wallet].

    Result: Once the transaction is complete, you should receive native AXL in your Keplr wallet.

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