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Stake with Binance Wallet

To stake BNB on the BNB Beacon Chain, you must install the Binance Wallet Chrome Extension and have at least 1 BNB in your address on the BNB Beacon Chain Network.

You are on the right network if the address that holds your BNB starts with bnb. If your address starts with 0x, see Bridge with Binance Wallet .


Ledger users must connect their Binance Wallet extension to their Ledger and use it to sign the transactions. The delegation steps are otherwise identical.

  1. Go to the BNB Chain staking dashboard and click Connect Wallet in the top right corner.

  1. Select Binance Chain Wallet and click Connect Wallet.

  2. Click Connect to authorize the staking dashboard to connect to your wallet.

  3. Find the Coinbase Cloud validator in the list and click Delegate.

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  4. Enter the amount you want to delegate (plus at least 0.05BNB for transaction fees) and click Delegate.

  5. Check the transaction to ensure you input the right values and then click Confirm.

  6. Click My Staking in the top right corner of the staking dashboard to see your staking activity and rewards.

    Congratulations! You are now delegated to the Coinbase Cloud BNB Smart Chain validator.

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