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Coinbase Cloud Validator

If you are already delegated, you can redelegate to the Coinbase Cloud validator with no unbonding period or lost rewards. For details, see Redelegate with Binance Wallet to Coinbase Cloud.

  • Validator Name: Coinbase Cloud
  • Validator Address: bva1cvxdm0yuzxqaysk9waxgmqasdl6qypaxx9aagz
Protocol ParametersValue
Reward rate*~5% as of June 2022
Minimum delegation1 BNB
Reward payoutDaily
Unbonding period7 days
Redelegation frequencyOnce every 7 days
Staked token controlStaking is non-custodial. User maintains custody at all times.

* Reward rates published by Coinbase Cloud are estimates based on publicly available information from third-party sources. Coinbase Cloud has not verified and does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Reward rates on some protocols may vary based on the amount staked and/or other variables, including validator performance, so you should not rely on the accuracy of any reward rate ranges we publish, which are intended to provide an estimate. The actual rate of rewards earned may vary substantially and may change over time and Coinbase Cloud does not guarantee that you will receive any staking rewards. Staked assets may be subject to slashing penalties and risk of loss is possible, including up to the full loss of principal.

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