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Removing Provenance Protocol

On Friday, May 19, 2023, we are sunsetting our public validators for Provenance.

If you are a delegator, we strongly recommend unbonding before this date. Refer to the Provenance Delegation Guide for protocol-specific unbonding periods. This change does not impact any other validator nodes for staking. Chain is a Tendermint-based, public, open-source, and permissionless protocol intended to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology via easy-to-navigate financial tools.

You can learn more about Chain in our protocol overview.

Protocol ParameterValue
Minimum tokens to stakeNo minimum
Warmup periodNone
Unbonding period28 days, no rewards earned during this time
Service fee6% of rewards

Validator name: Coinbase Cloud
Validator address : crocncl1v2l4sq3lx998d43rt68nxthkzg56mmmke0u0gc

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