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1: Stake to Cloud with Livepeer UI

1. Connect your wallet

  1. Navigate to the Livepeer UI.

  2. Ensure your Livepeer Tokens (LPT) (as well as a small amount of ETH for fees) are available on your wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet).


  4. Select your wallet of choice and approve the connection on your wallet application.

2. Navigate to the Coinbase Cloud Transcoder

Go to the Coinbase Cloud transcoder page at the transcoder address.


Validator (transcoder address):0xda43d85b8d419a9c51bbf0089c9bd5169c23f2f9

  1. Click BOND to begin the delegation process.

3. Update your Allowance

  1. EDIT your LPT transfer allowance to the amount of LPT you want available for bonding.

If you are currently delegating to another transcoder, enter 0 in the Amount To Bond field. This action will transfer your existing bonded amount to the selected transcoder.

  1. Click Submit.

  2. Review and click CONFIRM.

4. Stake to Coinbase Cloud's Transcoder

  1. Return to the BOND page.

  2. Enter the amount of LPT you wish to stake to the transcoder.

  3. Click SUBMIT.

  4. Click Confirm .

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