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Delegation Flow

  1. Go to Polygon Wallet.

  2. Connect Polygon Wallet to your self-custody wallet:

    a. Click Connect to a Wallet (top right).

    b. Select your self-custody wallet from the list (Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, etc) and click Connect.

    c. When prompted, sign again and confirm the connection.

  3. Select Polygon Staking.

  4. Click All Validators (top left) to see a list of validators you can delegate to. Search for the “Coinbase Cloud” validator.

  5. Select the Coinbase Cloud validator, and click Delegate.

  6. Enter the amount of MATIC you wish to delegate and click Continue. This step approves the delegation.

  7. Sign a second transaction to actually delegate your MATIC to Coinbase Cloud validator or your chosen validator.

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