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Restaking Flow

  1. Go to Polygon Wallet.

  2. Make sure your wallet is connected (Connect a Wallet).

  3. Click My Account. Your staked MATIC displays under “Your Delegations”.

  4. Click the Restake Rewards button for the validator you want to restake rewards to. (Note: You will be charged gas fees to complete this step. Your reward amount should be higher than the estimated gas fees before you restake your rewards.)

    A pop-up appears with the amount of MATIC to be restaked and the gas fees to be incurred.

    a. Continue by clicking Restake Reward.

    b. Confirm the transaction on your self-custody wallet extension or pop-up. You will see a “Rewards Restaked” confirmation message.

    The updated stake takes around 1-2 minutes to reflect in account.

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