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Withdrawal Flow

  1. Go to Polygon Wallet.

  2. Make sure your wallet is connected (Connect a Wallet).

  3. Click My Account.


Under “Your Delegations” you will see your staked MATIC. You must accrue at least 2 MATIC in rewards before you can withdraw tokens and enable the option to “Withdraw Reward.”

  1. Click Withdraw Reward from the validator you want to withdraw from.

    A pop-up appears with the amount of MATIC to be withdrawn, the gas fees to be incurred, and the Polygon wallet address the MATIC rewards will be sent to.

    a. Click Withdraw to Wallet.

    b. Confirm the transaction on the self-custody wallet extension or pop-up. A “Rewards Withdrawn” confirmation message displays.

    You may need to wait a few checkpoints before the withdrawal is reflected in wallet.

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