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Staking HASH with Provenance Blockchain Wallet

Removing Provenance Protocol

On Friday, May 19, 2023, we are sunsetting our public validators for Provenance.

If you are a delegator, we strongly recommend unbonding before this date. Refer to the Provenance Delegation Guide for protocol-specific unbonding periods. This change does not impact any other validator nodes for staking.

The Provenance Blockchain Wallet is a web-based wallet application that allows users to store their key pair offline locally. It is designed to be used in tandem with the Provenance Blcokchain Explorer UI for interacting with the Provenance Blockchain.

The Provenance Blockchain Wallet must also be used with an active password manager in order to properly store your key pair.

If you have not created and funded a Provenance Blockchain wallet, start at "1: Set up and fund The Provenance Blockchain Wallet. If you already have already created and funded your Provenance wallet, proceed to 2: Stake to Cloud with The Provenance Blockchain Wallet.

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