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2: Stake to Cloud with The Provenance Blockchain Wallet

1. Stake to our public validator

  1. Navigate to the Provenance Blockchain Explorer Dashboard.

  2. Connect to Provenance Wallet by click the key icon on the upper right corner of the page.

  3. In the pop-up window use your password manager to populate the username (and key) for your Provenance Blockchain wallet.

  4. Enter the wallet password.

  5. Select Submit.

  6. Select Validators on the dashboard menu.

  7. Search for the Coinbase Cloud moniker or validator address and click Delegate

  8. Enter the amount you would like to stake with Coinbase Cloud in the Amount to Delegate field.

  9. Select Delegate.

  10. In the Provenance Blockchain wallet pop-up window, confirm that the Coinbase Cloud validator address is correct (see below).

  11. Select Confirm and Broadcast.

  12. Your delegation will now show under the My Validators section of the Provenance Blockchain Explorer Staking dashboard.

Coinbase Cloud Validator Information

Validator moniker: Coinbase Cloud Validator address: pbvaloper16w74eff40g3eux8kz92tmwzjjcngckw2672ycs

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