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2: Stake to Cloud with SolFlare

1. Stake to our public validator

  1. Open the SolFlare UI, and under Create a staking account select Get Started.

  2. Enter the amount of SOL you would like to delegate. Please leave at least 1 SOL in your account to pay for future transaction fees. Click Next. If you receive an error message, ensure your Ledger is unlocked and has the Solana app open.

  3. Confirm the creation of a new stake account for the correct amount of SOL.

  4. On the main SolFlare page, select Delegate Now.

  5. Select the Coinbase Cloud validator from the dropdown menu and click Next

  6. Review the delegation transaction prompt on your Ledger. Confirm that the Vote Account matches the Coinbase Cloud/Coinbase Cloud vote account address (see below).

  7. Approve the transaction.

Coinbase Cloud Validator Information

Validator name: Coinbase Cloud Validator identity: XkCriyrNwS3G4rzAXtG5B1nnvb5Ka1JtCku93VqeKAr Validator vote account address: beefKGBWeSpHzYBHZXwp5So7wdQGX6mu4ZHCsH3uTar

Congratulations! You are now staked to the Coinbase Cloud validator.

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