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Derivativess SBE Header Message

Message Header

Each message begins with the following SBE message header:

1protocolIduint81Constant (= 0xF1)
2flagsuint81Bitset of flags. 0x01 = resend
3messageLengthuint162Total length of message including this header and body.
4sequenceNumberuint324Sequence number of message.
5lastProcessedSeqNumuint324Sequence number of last message received/processed by the sender of this message.
7sendTimeEpochNanosint648Sending time in nanoseconds since epoch.
8blockLengthuint162Length of message root block in bytes, before variable data commences.
9templateIduint162Message type Id
10schemaIduint162Message schema Id (1100 for admin/session messages, 1101 for orders)
11versionuint162Message version number

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