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Lists ledger activity for an account. This includes anything that would affect the accounts balance - transfers, trades, fees, etc.

List account activity of the API key's profile. Account activity either increases or decreases your account balance. Items are paginated and sorted latest first. See the Pagination section for retrieving additional entries after the first page.

API Key Permissions

This endpoint requires either the "view" or "trade" permission.

Entry Types

Entry type indicates the reason for the account change.

transferFunds moved to/from Coinbase to Coinbase Exchange
matchFunds moved as a result of a trade
feeFee as a result of a trade
rebateFee rebate as per our fee schedule
conversionFunds converted between fiat currency and a stablecoin


If an entry is the result of a trade (match, fee), the details field will contain additional information about the trade.


This request is paginated. Please see the Pagination section for more information.

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