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Historic rates for a product. Rates are returned in grouped buckets. Candle schema is of the form [timestamp, price_low, price_high, price_open, price_close]


Historical rate data may be incomplete. No data is published for intervals where there are no ticks. Historical rates should not be polled frequently. If you need real-time information, use the trade and book endpoints along with the WebSocket feed.


If either one of the start or end fields are not provided then both fields will be ignored. If a custom time range is not declared then one ending now is selected.

The granularity field must be one of the following values: {60, 300, 900, 3600, 21600, 86400}. Otherwise, your request will be rejected. These values correspond to timeslices representing one minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes, one hour, six hours, and one day, respectively.

If data points are readily available, your response may contain as many as 300 candles and some of those candles may precede your declared start value. The maximum number of data points for a single request is 300 candles. If your selection of start/end time and granularity will result in more than 300 data points, your request will be rejected. If you wish to retrieve fine granularity data over a larger time range, you will need to make multiple requests with new start/end ranges.

Response Items

Each bucket is an array of the following information:

  • time bucket start time
  • low lowest price during the bucket interval
  • high highest price during the bucket interval
  • open opening price (first trade) in the bucket interval
  • close closing price (last trade) in the bucket interval
  • volume volume of trading activity during the bucket interval
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