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Gets a list of available currency pairs for trading.



Order Size Limits Removed

The properties base_max_size, base_min_size, max_market_funds were removed on June 30.

The property, min_market_funds, has been repurposed as the notional minimum size for limit orders.

The base_min_size and base_max_size fields define the min and max order size.

The min_market_funds and max_market_funds fields define the min and max funds allowed in a market order.

status_message provides any extra information regarding the status if available.

The quote_increment field specifies the min order price as well as the price increment.

The order price must be a multiple of this increment (i.e. if the increment is 0.01, order prices of 0.001 or 0.021 would be rejected).

The base_increment field specifies the minimum increment for the base_currency.

trading_disabled indicates whether trading is currently restricted on this product, this includes whether both new orders and order cancelations are restricted.

cancel_only indicates whether this product only accepts cancel requests for orders.

post_only indicates whether only maker orders can be placed. No orders will be matched when post_only mode is active.

limit_only indicates whether this product only accepts limit orders.

Only a maximum of one of trading_disabled, cancel_only, post_only, limit_only can be true at once. If none are true, the product is trading normally.

fx_stablecoin indicates whether the currency pair is a Stable Pair.

auction_mode boolean which indicates whether or not the book is in auction mode. For more details on the auction mode see Get product book describing the level 1 book which contains information pertaining to products in auction mode.


When limit_only is true, matching can occur if a limit order crosses the book. Product ID will not change once assigned to a product but all other fields ares subject to change.

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