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INTX Upcoming Changes


We are introducing a new cross collateral feature to allow INTX portfolios to use BTC and ETH as collateral for perps trading. Upcoming REST API changes are listed below:

  • A new /api/v1/portfolio/{portfolio}/cross-collateral-enabled endpoint to enable the cross collateral feature for a portfolio
  • Two new fields to show accrued loans and associated loan collateral requirements added to the portfolio balance object returned by the /api/v1/portfolio/{portfolio}/balances, /api/v1/portfolio/{portfolio}/balances/{asset}, and /api/v1/portfolio/{portfolio}/detail endpoints
  • Five new fields to show min/max borrow quantity, loan collateral requirement multiplier, account collateral limit, and whether the ecosystem collateral limit is breached added to the asset object returned by the /api/v1/assets/{asset} and /api/v1/assets endpoints


On Thursday, February 15, we are introducing a new Indicative Opening Price (IOP) mechanism for INTX instruments prior to moving the market into full trading. Upcoming IOP changes are listed below:


We are introducing a new "PAUSE" trading state, represented by MdSecurityTradingStatus, that only allows order cancellations.


The existing "HALT" state will serve as an auction period and provide a window for users to place, modify, and cancel orders before the market opens. During this "HALT" state, orders will be accepted but not matched.

At the end of the auction period:

  • If the orderbook is crossed, the matching engine will assign an IOP and match all crossed orders at this price before the market moves into full trading.
  • If the orderbook is not crossed, the market will move straight into full trading without matching.


  • The RISK WebSocket channel message will include a new opening_price field that populates with the IOP as the orderbook is populated. This new field applies to the current state of the orderbook and is NOT guaranteed to be the opening price by the time the market opens as the orderbook continues to change.

  • When an instrument is in the "HALT" state, we will no longer disseminate crossed book updates to the WebSocket channels. If there are crossed orders present in the book, we will disseminate the IOP through the RISK WebSocket channel and the orders of the non-crossing portion of the book. Upon transitioning to full trading, the market data will accurately reflect the state of the orderbook.

  • When transitioning to full trading, any matches that are generated from the auction period will be disseminated through the MATCH WebSocket channel with aggressor_side set to "NO_AGGRESSOR".

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