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Getting Started

Welcome to the Know Your Transaction API

Welcome to the Know Your Transaction (KYT) API. The KYT API enables clients to monitor transactions at scale by generating risk scores for user addresses.

Coinbase KYT powers crypto compliance for governments, financial institutions, and crypto businesses by connecting cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities.

It does so by using public blockchain attribution data, monitoring risk on millions of addresses, and investigating fraudulent activity across Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.


Coinbase KYT compliance products include the KYT API and Coinbase Tracer (formerly Coinbase Analytics).

Supported Networks

A single API namespace exists for all supported networks and assets. The network or asset is specified as part of the request. The following networks are supported:

  • BCH
  • BTC
  • DASH
  • ETH (plus ERC-20 tokens)
  • LTC
  • ZEC

API Authentication

Clients access the APIs via using an api token specified in the header x-api-token.

This token is generated through the Coinbase Tracer application and uniquely identifies the user, group, and license the token belongs to.

curl \
-H "x-api-token: 8105826ef96351220825bc92fb29489d31b3e-23bc13bc-4d28-4ee4-95a3-9e5d2330f4ca"

API Requests

Include the Content-Type header set to application/json to ensure your request is processed correctly.

API Responses

All API response payloads include the following fields:

statusStringEither ok or error
messageStringOnly present when status is error. Gives a description of the error encountered (missing parameter, bad content type, etc.)
resultObjectJSON payload