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Error Codes

This page is a reference on Node error codes which include both HTTP and JSON-RPC errors.

HTTP Error Codes

Coinbase Node returns standard HTTP error codes before JSON-RPC error codes, as establishing the HTTP connection is a first step to calling our APIs. Another way to track your successful/failed calls is on the project dashboard.


200-level HTTP responses indicate success, 400-level indicate user error, and 500-level indicate a server-level error. You can see this on your project dashboard.

200Request was successful
400Request is invalid. Try checking your JSON-RPC request body.
401Request is unauthorized. Ensure your API credentials are properly provisioned and passed.
403Request is forbidden. We understand your request, but you may have hit your rate limit.
405Request method is not allowed. Check the API reference to verify you are calling a valid method.
429Too many requests. You exceeded your plan's allotted amount. Check your project dashboard for usage metrics or your plan’s request capacity.
500Internal Server Error. Contact us as we are unable to process your request.

JSON-RPC Error Codes

JSON-RPC errors are thrown by our nodes. So while the request succeeded, your request method, format, or network may have the error.

-32700Parse errorInvalid JSON received by the server
-32600Invalid RequestThe JSON sent is not a valid Request object
-32601Method not foundThe method does not exist or is not available
-32602Invalid paramsInvalid method parameter(s)
-32603Internal errorInternal JSON-RPC error
-32000 to -32099Server errorReserved for implementation-defined server-errors

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