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NFT API Overview

The NFT API indexes metadata and activity for NFT tokens and collections. It supports tokens that adhere to the ERC721 and ERC1155 token standards, as well as non-standard tokens like CryptoPunks.

With the NFT API you can:

  • Retrieve on-chain updates in < 1.5 minutes
  • Query token metadata, transaction history, ownership, and all tokens within a collection
  • Query collection metadata, trending collections, and all collections.

Developers can leverage these features to build crypto applications such as NFT marketplaces, galleries, portfolios, wallets, and more.


Coinbase Node supports the following NFT API endpoints:


Get general information about the NFT API.

/networksGETGet all supported networks.

The NFT API currently only supports NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet.


Get metadata and activities for NFT collections.

/contractsGETList all NFT collections with sorting.
/contractsPOSTList multiple NFT collections by their contract addresses.
/contracts/{contractAddress}GETGet an NFT collection by its contract address.
/contracts/{contractAddress}/activitiesGETGet NFT collection activities by contract address.


Get metadata and activities for tokens of an NFT collection.

/contracts/{contractAddress}/tokensGETGet all tokens within an NFT collection.
/contracts/{contractAddress}/tokensPOSTList multiple NFT tokens by their token Ids.
/contracts/{contractAddress}/tokens/{tokenId}GETGet an NFT token by its token Id.
/contracts/{contractAddress}/tokens/{tokenId}/activitiesGETList all the activities of an NFT token.

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