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Image Formats

Collection and tokens can be associated with an image. All images are processed and reformatted to webp. They are also resized to 3 pre-defined sizes, measured by width while keeping the origin aspect ratio:

For performance and security, Coinbase stores the origin image files in a CDN and returns the cached URLs.

Field NameImage Width


A simple imageA simple image
A simple image
An image with SVG contentAn image with SVG content
An image with SVG content
An image with animated contentAn image with animated content
An image with animated content

Image Moderation

Images are moderated at the token level, and if a token's image is detected with the CSAM label, it is omitted from the response.

These APIs return a token or a list of tokens. Their behaviors are described here regarding omitted tokens:

  • Get Token by Token Id returns status code 451 (Unavailable For Legal Reasons).
  • List Tokens by Token Id returns status code 451 and includes token identifiers which contain CSAM images in the response body.
  • List Tokens in a Collection omits tokens which contain CSAM images and keeps the status code as is.