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Node’s mission is to make blockchain development accessible to Web3 developers. With Node, you can focus your products and customers while leaving the hard bits of scaling blockchain infrastructure to us.

Node Free Plan

Coinbase is offering a Node Free Plan on Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli Testnet. You can get an endpoint in under 2 minutes to activate your access to Ethereum and begin your development.

Ethereum Mainnet endpoint: https://mainnet.ethereum.coinbasecloud.net
Goerli Testnet endpoint: https://goerli.ethereum.coinbasecloud.net

  1. Create a new Ethereum project and receive an access token.
  2. Make up to 120k free requests daily.
  3. Use any of the supported Ethereum APIs, Advanced APIs, and NFT APIs.


Tip: If you need more capacity, we can customize a plan for your needs. Contact us to learn more*.


  • Instant API Access: Simple onboarding with instant API access and built-in analytics.
  • Indexers: Access indexed blockchain data with Ethereum, Advanced, and NFT APIs.
  • Ethereum APIs: Use native Ethereum APIs to read and write from the blockchain.
  • Advanced APIs: Get comprehensive data with simpler queries for account balances, token transfers, and smart contract events.
  • NFT APIs: Access NFT metadata with cached images for collections and tokens.
  • CORS: Power your site experience and securely access data from our infrastructure.
  • Metrics: Monitor project metrics on usage, requests made, and response codes.
  • Developer Docs: Get started with Web3 development with our useful guides and videos on blockchain development.


* Terms and conditions may apply. Some plans, features and services may require payment.

Node Enterprise

We currently offer read/write access to blockchains across 25 blockchain protocols with enterprise-grade security features.

  • Multi-cloud/Multi-region: Customize your node deployment globally across 8 regions and set up high-availability redundancies leveraging our multi-cloud solutions.
  • CORS: Set up dapps to securely access web3 data with configurable Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) policies.
  • Custom Support: Get custom SLA with a dedicated support team.
  • RBAC: Use role-based access control management for teams.

Contact us for pricing or to discuss your blockchain infrastructure needs.