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Pay SDK End User Dapp Flow

This page demonstrates how end users interact with Coinbase Pay within a dapp using a popup window.

Coinbase Pay Launches

The flow starts when Coinbase Pay launches within your dapp, for example:

Coinbase Pay launching in a dapp frontend.

User Authenticates

Once Coinbase Pay launches, the user:

  1. Enters their Coinbase credentials.
  2. Goes through the 2FA process.
  3. Authorizes dapp to take actions on their behalf.
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Enter Credentials
Begin authentication by entering your credentials (email and password).
Go Through 2fa
For 2FA enter the 7-digit code. Check the box to avoid being prompted again for 30 days.
Authorize Dapp
Authorize the dapp.

User Adds Funds

After being authenticated and authorizing the dapp, the user:

  1. Selects the asset to add to the wallet (if not automatically assigned in a previous step).
  2. Enters an amount and chooses a payment method.
  3. Confirms the payment method in the "Pay With" window.

All supported payment methods from fiat on-ramps to crypto balance are in the 'Pay with' section.

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Select Asset
Select a digital asset such as Ethereum.
Add Amount and Select Payment Method
Add an amount and choose a payment method such as a Chase debit card.
Confirm "Pay With" Method
Confirm your payment method.

User Confirms the Transaction

Finally, the transaction is configured, the user:

  1. Reviews the details of the transaction.
  2. Is informed that Coinbase is purchasing the funds (for Buy orders).
  3. Goes through a second 2FA to authorize the send to the wallet address.
  4. Views a confirmation of the transaction.
  5. Views a detailed breakdown of the transaction.
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Review Transaction
Review your transaction.
Coinbase Initiates Purchase
Wait while Coinbase initiates your purchase.
Go Through 2fa Again
Go through 2FA again and enter the 7-digit code.
Confirm Transaction
Confirm the transaction.
Inspect Transaction Details
Inspect the transaction details.

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