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Using Pay SDK

To use Coinbase Pay, add the SDK to your app. Currently web apps are supported by Coinbase Pay.


Onboarding to Coinbase Pay is not yet self-serve. To be added to the Coinbase Pay allowlist, please fill out the Coinbase Cloud Interest Form and select 'Coinbase Pay SDK' from the dropdown for the question, What products are you interested in using?

Step 1: Submit application to use Coinbase Pay.

When you submit your application, please share a few details on how you intend to use Coinbase Pay. Select “Coinbase Pay” in the product drop down menu in the form. Someone from the Coinbase Pay team will get back to you. Thank you!


Please be aware that we may not be able to onboard all partners at this time.

Step 2: Install Coinbase Pay SDK.

Step 3: Integrate Coinbase Pay in your crypto wallet or app.

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