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It goes without saying that standards can ALWAYS get better. In blockchain, this is particularly true as the pace of innovation continues to accelerate. Teams will continue to introduce new paradigms that push the limits of the abstractions that exist in the Rosetta specification today.

We welcome both issues and contributions on rosetta-specifications, rosetta-sdk-go, and rosetta-cli. If you have questions about proposing certain changes, please reach out on the community website.


If you would like to build a tool on top of the Rosetta APIs and want to be featured on this website, please contact us at [email protected]!

Code of Conduct

We expect contributors to follow our Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to honor this code. Violators can be banned from further participation in this project, or potentially all Coinbase projects.

Bug Reports

  • Ensure your issue has not already been reported. It may already be fixed!
  • Include the steps you carried out to produce the problem.
  • Include the behavior you observed along with the behavior you expected, and why you expected it.
  • Include any relevant stack traces or debugging output.

Feature Requests

We welcome feedback with or without pull requests. If you have an idea for how to improve the project, great! All we ask is that you take the time to write a clear and concise explanation of what need you are trying to solve. If you have thoughts on how it can be solved, include those too!

The best way to see a feature added, however, is to submit a pull request.

Pull Requests

  • Before creating your pull request, it's usually worth asking other contributors if the code you're planning on writing will be considered for merging. It may also help give the maintainers context for when the time comes to review your code.
  • Ensure your commit messages are well-written. This can double as your pull request message, so it pays to take the time to write a clear message.
  • Add tests for your feature. You should be able to look at other tests for examples. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to open an issue and ask!