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For some developers, the existing Data API and Construction API endpoints are not sufficient to fully support an asset integration. It is not possible, for example, to search for a transaction by hash or access all transactions that affected a particular account. Traditionally, database-intensive functionality was purposely excluded from the collection of endpoints any Rosetta implementation must complete as to avoid imposing cumbersome requirements on Rosetta implementers (that could require maintaining architecture alongside their core node).

Because of the standardization introduced by Rosetta, it is possible to write a generic indexer for any Rosetta implementation. To avoid a proliferation of interfaces that service Rosetta in this layer, we've defined a set of standard "indexer" endpoints that enable developers to automatically integrate (with the SDK they already use to access the Rosetta API).

Rosetta implementations are not required to implement "indexer" endpoints but are welcome to do so!

Indexer implementations must proxy non-indexer Data API and Construction API calls to the implementation of interest (potentially caching some data) so that developers do not need to connect to multiple endpoints to access Rosetta. All calls contain a NetworkIdentifier so it should be possible to route requests without too much difficulty.

Required Endpoints

  • Data API (proxied)
  • Construction API (proxied)
  • /events/*
  • /search/*

If you think an endpoint is missing from this list, please reach out on our Discord.

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