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Sign in with Coinbase OAuth2 Mobile Integration

Adding digital currency to your mobile apps has never been easier or more powerful. The Coinbase SDK lets your app's users tap into their Coinbase wallets in seconds.

OAuth Settings for Mobile Applications

When developing mobile applications, consider specifying the following settings. Implemented correctly, these tools can improve the user experience by reducing friction in OAuth flow.

Redirect URI

For mobile or desktop applications, you may not have a redirect URI. For these cases you can set the redirect_uri to a special value when registering a new OAuth2 application: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob. This value tells our servers to render a blank page with the authorization code in the URL and title of the page, which can be parsed by your application.

This method uses the same pattern that Google follows in their documentation. Here's a great guide with sample code for both iOS and Android.

Both sign up and login within the OAuth2 flow requires the user to verify her device and/or email by opening a link that Coinbase sends in a verification email. To make it easier to guide the user back to the native mobile application, a special verifications deeplink can be specified as part of your OAuth application's advanced settings. This link will be opened automatically on successful verification, achieving a seamless transition.

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