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Google AIP

The WaaS APIs follow the conventions established by Google's API Improvement Proposals (AIPs). This means that WaaS APIs exhibit resource-oriented design per AIP-121, providing individually-named resources (nouns) and the relationships and hierarchy that exist between them.

The resources provided by WaaS APIs are composable and interoperable. For example:

  • The Network resource provided by the Blockchain Service is an argument to APIs in the Protocol Service and WalletService.
  • The Key resource provided by the Key Service is used by Wallet Service APIs.


Consider the following string, which represents a BIP-32 HD Wallet in Wallet Service:


We parse this string as follows:

StringResourceAIP Component
pools/{pool-identifier}poolresource name
              {pool-identifier}poolresource ID
pools/{pool-identifier}/wallets/{wallet-identifier}walletresource name
              {pool-identifier}/wallets/{wallet-identifier}walletresource ID
pools/{pool-identifier}walletparent resource

We use this terminology throughout our API documentation to disambiguate between different segments of a resource name.


Customers can set an identifier (as in pool-identifier) to an arbitrary string. If not set, it defaults to a UUID.

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