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Cloud Projects

Projects help organize Coinbase Cloud products into functional groups and manage configuration settings.

Products are Coinbase cloud services. Products live within a project, and have billing and configuration settings that live within the context of your projects.

Creating a Project

These steps explain how to create a new WaaS project in Coinbase Cloud.

  1. Click Home on the lefthand panel of the Coinbase Cloud dashboard.

    WaaS is a new product in Coinbase Cloud.
  2. Click Start with WaaS on the Wallet as a Service card.

  3. Fill out the project information.

    a. Enter a project name (one word, hyphens allowed).

    b. Add a product to your project (for now WaaS is the only product you can add).

    c. Select a plan (Free or Custom).

  4. Click Create project.

Renaming a Project

Deleting Projects

Currently, you cannot delete a project, but you can rename an existing one.

  1. Click WaaS on the lefthand panel of the Coinbase Cloud dashboard.

  2. Click Manage in the upper right.

  3. Rename your project and click Save.

    To rename a project, select the project and click Manage.

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