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WaaS Supported Testnets

Developers use testnets to simulate a network with dummy transactions and no costs.


A testnet "faucet" gives free funds to developers so they can test transactions on test networks like Ethereum Goerli. Testnet funds have no value.

Coinbase offers a range of free testnet faucets for developers and allows for a certain amount per day.

Coinbase Ethereum Goerli ETH Faucet0.1 Goerli ETH/day
Coinbase Base Goerli ETH Faucet0.1 Goerli ETH/day
Alchemy Goerli Faucet0.1 Goerli ETH/day

You can use other faucets to get funds for testing. Most faucets exist as webapps to input an address which you request an amount to be sent to.

Mainnet vs Testnet

Mainnet is the main network where the transactions of a blockchain network take place.

Testnets are early, prototype versions of blockchain networks that typically do not run at full capacity. A testnet is used by programmers to identify problems with software or the design of the protocol before full deployment. When a network transitions from testnet to mainnet, it is generally considered to have gone live.

Testnet participants use testnet tokens or coins to interact with the network. These are assets without monetary value that function in exactly the same manner as mainnet assets would after mainnet launch. Though the same protocol governs both the testnet and the mainnet, they remain two separate networks with different ledgers and differing fiscal realities.

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